Season 4 РEpisode 5 РNew Patients In Your Hygiene Department 

We spend so much time here at the Scheduling Institute talking about the importance of New Patients in your practice, but on this episode of our Hygiene Profit Leaders Podcast we discuss the importance of New Patients to your Hygiene Department.

Join Vickie and Rene as they discuss things like:

  • Why are New Patients important to the Hygiene part of the business?
  • Why is it ideal for a New Patient to come into the practice through Hygiene first?
  • Your role as a Hygienist in New Patient attraction
  • How to embrace the New Patients in your schedule and see them as an opportunity to help the practice grow and serve the patients in your community with convenience
  • How to utilize the trust New Patients have in the Hygienists vs. the Doctor
  • And so much more!

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